Finding Attractive Investment Opportunities Across Target Themes

Finding Attractive Investment Opportunities Across Target Themes

Finding Attractive Investment Opportunities Across Target Themes 150 150

Martis seeks to capitalize on company-specific or subsector-driven inflection points, as attractive investment opportunities arise in companies that are well-positioned for change or emerge in response to challenges in the areas of cost containment, operating efficiency and improved clinical outcomes.

To develop our conviction in a certain narrowly-defined end market, we follow a rigorous theme ideation process that involves speaking with numerous Martis ecosystem stakeholders. Through conversations with strategic advisors, industry executives, deal intermediaries, and other external sources, we form a holistic view of the theme and impacted subsegment, and in doing so also look to generate leads of prospective targets.

Below is a representative sample of some of the areas we have developed a thesis around. Let’s start a conversation!

Theme Key Rationale Active Platforms
(looking for add-ons)
Clinical Research Trials iconClinical Research Trials
  • Large and growing market with resilient demand drivers
  • Highly fragmented market in early consolidation phase
  • High premium placed on clinical site operators that can recruit and retain patients in expedient and efficient manner
Alcanza logo(2021)
Value Based Care iconValue Based Care
  • Broader shift from FFS to VBC models
  • Ability to drive meaningful cost reductions and improve patient outcomes
  • Fragmented PCP landscape presents M&A opportunity
Rise Health logo(2022)
Autism Care iconAutism Care
  • Large market that continues to grow with increased ASD diagnosis
  • Payors supportive of early intervention to improve outcomes and save costs
  • Significant whitespace exacerbated by provider supply shortages
Med Device CMO iconMedical Device CMO
  • Large and growing end-markets with increased outsourcing from OEMs to CMOs
  • Specialization drives sticky, recurring revenue with high switching costs
  • Highly fragmented space with opportunity to execute accretive M&A
Niche RCM SoftwareNiche RCM Software
  • Large, growing, and multi-faceted market
  • Opportunity for organic and inorganic growth to scale a platform
  • High-quality revenue given sticky, re-occurring nature of outsourced RCM spend
TPA Cost Containment iconTPA / Cost Containment
  • Growing market given increase in SMBs transitioning to self-funded insurance plans
  • Ability to bring new technology and processes to smaller, less sophisticated companies
Dental Care iconDental Care
  • One of the largest provider markets by spend, provider count and business count
  • Strong value proposition to physicians
  • Tangible value creation levers outside M&A
Clinical Trial Recruitment iconClinical Trial Recruitment & Drug Development Tools
  • Rising sponsor R&D spend pushes trial organizations to reach, recruit and randomize patients at scale, particularly from underrepresented populations (recruitment tools)
  • Sponsor and site need for centralized platforms for organizational data, protocol execution, and metric reporting (CTMS, RTSM)
  • Broad necessity of technology solutions enabling secure, accurate documentation for trial compliance and regulatory submissions (eSource, eReg, eTMF)